Mr. Christian Routin

Speaker/Consultant/ Trainer/ Facilitator/Executive Coach

– World expert in Vietnamese Culture and currently based in his native Vietnam. Christian has 30 years of practical international experience, 13 years in Vietnam, gained by living and working with multicultural and multilingual teams across 11 European and Asian countries.

– Christian was born in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and lived 22 years in Vietnam, 20 years in Saigon and 2 years in Hanoi. He is mixed French, Vietnamese and Italian and is fluent in Vietnamese, English, French, Italian and German.

– He grew up in Saigon in a Vietnamese cultural environment until 9 and then moved to France. Once in France he lived with his Vietnamese family and kept on practicing Vietnamese. He has a double culture: French and Vietnamese.

– Christian has 30 years of working experience in 3 fields:

– 5 years: Business Management: He co-created and co-managed 2 companies in The Netherlands and in Germany in the textile retail and e-commerce.

– 5 years: Hospitality Industry: He worked for companies such as Club Med, Hilton Hotels, Eiffel Tower, Sodhexo and diving resorts in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Maldives, Thailand and Malaysia with international teams and using up to 5 languages. Position occupied: Tour Leader, Tour Guide, Commercial Host, Scuba Diving Instructor, Diving Center Manager.

– 22 years: Education: Teacher, Tutor, Instructor, Trainer, Executive Coach for a multi-cultural and multi-lingual public, from children up to adult in French, English, Economics, Scuba diving, Soft Skills, Intercultural in 12 countries.

– In 1991-92, after achieving 2 Master Diplomas in Business Administration and Political Science in Paris, Christian worked in Hanoi as a Linguistic Attaché for the French Embassy. He lectured French for different Universities and Managed training programs for 4 provinces of North Vietnam.

– Back in Vietnam in 2009, Christian first worked as an English and French (IDECAF) teacher/tutor before becoming recruitment Senior Manager for Navigos Group, managing a team of 8; one his major task was to manage, build, coach and develop the soft skills of his Vietnamese team.

– In 2010, he was teaching Business and Corporate English for a bank and 2 private language and Business schools and started to work with the corporate sector as a freelancer but also with training companies in Vietnam, consulting in HR, training, recruitment, designing and implementing corporate trainings. In May 2011 he was appointed by the CEO of the French company Officience, one of his former clients, at the position of Interim Head of Business Unit, managing a team of 27 Vietnamese/expats staff and Managers.