Dr. Guus Klück

Sailor/Business expert

This is me
− Business expert, specialized in organizational philosophy and business ethics

What others say about me
− Independent mind
− Energetic, open, and a direct style of communication, with a good sense of humor
− Fully committed to the success of the company
− Observes, analyses, sets goals, structures and
takes care of the business
− Speaks both the language of the boardroom and
the shop floor
− Black calls in common sense
The energy I get from
− Achieving results
− Figure out how to do it better or smarter
− Thinking and doing from the outside inwards
− Working in an international setting

The energy I lose from
− Useless meetings
− Thinking in limitations and impossibilities
− An internal focus
− Failure to take responsibility

That is how I work
− In close cooperation with management, employees, and other stakeholders
− Decisive with a keen eye for possible personal
− I stand for my responsibilities and I take initiatives with a good sense of relationships in organizations
− I bridge contradictions or conflicting interests
− Result-oriented structured way of working
− Deal’s a deal

I am certified in
− Certified Board Member (RCBM)
− Management Drives

I am proud of
− Sustainable trusted advisor positions for executive board members and supervisory board
− Successful business strategies developed and implemented
− Successful turn-around results at multiple companies in different industries
− Coaching executive teams in improving team performance

− National and international 35+ years of experience in management, change management, and marketing & sales
− Global Managing Director High Tech industry at an IT service provider
− Programme Manager Governance Essentials,
course for supervisory board members
− Examiner, thesis supervisor, program director, and teacher at business schools for master of science and post-doc studies
− Chairman of the Board of a Primary Education Foundation
− Clients: VolkerWessels, West Coast Supply, Dynniq, Cympha, Hanos, Swarco (Austria), Xerox (Switzerland), BAM, Team Heiner, Axel Christiernsson, University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Philips, NXP, Olivetti (Denmark), HP
− Business schools: NCD Academy, Academic Education Groningen, Rotterdam Business School, and The Hague University of Applied Sciences
− Former employers:
1997 – 2008 CMG (later LogicaCMG)
1993 – 1997 Wolters Kluwer
1991 – 1993 Ogilvy & Mather
1980 – 1991 Wolters Samsom

− Ph.D. Business Ethics; Nyenrode University
− MSc Management Consultancy; Erasmus University, with distinction
− BSc Business Informatics; Groningen University of Applied Sciences
− Certified Governance; Wagner Group
− E-Commerce; Haas Business University, USA